Dip, Pack & Shipping Trophies - South Africa

Field preparation of trophies is done and trophies are skinned, tagged and salted by our competent trackers and skinners under the watchful eye of your PH.

After completion of your safari, the trophies can be collected by the taxidermist of your choice for either Dip & Pack or Mounting. We will provide your taxidermist with copies of the relevant hunting permits.

We are able to advise on preferred taxidermists as we are fortunate to be in close proximity to very skilful taxidermists. Our clients are also able to take a tour of their operations should they wish to see the process for themselves. Trophies can be shipped from South Africa either raw (Dipped & Packed) or mounted and your taxidermist will be able to advise on a shipping agent.

The regulations and procedures for exporting varies depending on the species hunted. Note that an import and export CITES permit for Appendix I and an export CITES permit for Appendix II animals are required for each shipment. The taxidermist will be able to advise and assist with all the relevant permits.

This does not mean we hand you over to the taxidermist and forget about your trophies. We know that your trophies are a product that you can treasure as a symbol of your memorable South African hunting safari and we will assist with any questions you might have until your trophies are safely in your home.