My first trip to my husband’s home…. South Africa. I’m in love with the beautiful country and wonderful hospitality. Thank you for an amazing trip. We will return soon. This is just the beginning of many hunts together!

Alex & Rebecca

Florida, U.S.A., 24 Sep 2017

Amazing wonderful trip. Hunt of a life time!

Dan Baker & Gladys

Florida, U.S.A., 06 Jun 2017

Wonderful Hunting !! Such fun. Wonderful people. Food is the best. Our second visit here and we now have family in Africa!

Ross & Julie

Ontario, Canada, 04 Apr 2016

It is great to be back in Africa – especially with such a wonderful crew. Expectations were high and you truly exceeded them. Thank you. See you in the States to plan the next one.

Henry Campbell

Texas, U.S.A., 03 Jun 2015

I finished my Big 5 today. Age 15 !!


Texas, U.S.A., 07 Jul 2014

A fabulous experience and a perfect first safari for our children. Thanks for great trophies and memories.

Bobby & Sherri

Texas, U.S.A., 09 Jun 2013

Here with my two sons. 36 animals after 6 days. Fantastic safari. Great trophies and memories. Great staff.


Alabama, U.S.A., 08 Nov 2012

We had a blast ! 9 trophies! Thank you so very much!

Greg & Dianne

Ontario, Canada, 01 May 2011

We had a wonderful stay. Enjoying all the animals. Great accommodations and very good service. Very nice people! Thanks for all!

Sergio & Erika

New Mexico, U.S.A., 27 Aug 2009

Thanks for the wonderful time! This was the greatest hunting experience of my life!


California, U.S.A., 06 Mar 2008

Great hunting. Wonderful hosts!

Ron & family

California, U.S.A., 24 Jul 2007

My 3rd trip to Heaven – Thanks again for everything!


Odessa, Texas, 22 Oct 2006

Great hunting, Great People! Had the time of my life. Will be coming back a lot!


Florida, U.S.A., 10 Mar 2006

We feel like you all are family and are home again! Thanks and we will be back soon.

Lacy & Dorothy

Texas, U.S.A., 02 Oct 2003

Thank you Mike for introducing me to a whole new level of hunting. Fantastic place, incredible hospitality and awesome experience for us all. Many, many thanks!

William & Ruthie

Texas, U.S.A., 02 Dec 2002

South Africa is a magical place. We will return.

Brad & Debbie

Ohio, U.S.A., 04 Aug 2001

This has been the most wonderful three weeks of my life. I will love this place and all of you for the rest of my life. Thanks for the adventure!


Memphis TN, U.S.A., 08 Aug 2000

Thanks for the great hunting experience and wonderful hospitality.


California, US.A., 11 Apr 1998

Hunter’s Heaven!


Kodiak, Alaska, 20 Jul 1995

Excellent, extraordinary and astonishing!

James & family

Natal, South Africa, 12 Jul 1989

We had such an amazing experience. Everyone worked so hard to ensure that each aspect was perfect. Food was wonderful and hunting was beyond words. We will be back.

David & Karen

Ontario, Canada, 30 Apr 2016

Most memorable ever! We will see you again!

Phil & Lori

Louisiana, U.S.A., 06 Jun 2017

I expected the best and that’s what I got – as usual! Great job chaps!

Dick Saulsbury

Texas, U.S.A., 11 Aug 2015

The anticipated trip of a lifetime has come true. Perfect in every way. Terrific hunting, PH and staff. All made us feel at home for a perfect hunt.


California, U.S.A., 30 Apr 2015

Thank you for a great time. Beautiful and comfortable lodge, delicious food, amazing quality of game and super nice PH, trackers, cooks & staff. Hope to see you again soon.

Armen & Rosie

California, U.S.A., 23 Apr 2014

One of the best safaris we have ever been on. Your PH’s and staff were absolutely awesome. Thank you for all the memories….. unforgettable!

Bill & Mary

Texas, U.S.A., 22 Sep 2012

Beautiful Five Star accommodation with delicious meals and entertaining conversation. An abundance of wildlife to be seen. Many thanks to all for your hospitality and especially to my PH for his great PH skills. The entire staff is awesome. Great hunt! Such great memories!


California, U.S.A., 15 Jul 2011

Great PH. Outstanding food. Wonderful place. Thank you.


Wyoming, U.S.A., 06 Jun 2010

What a fabulous place. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. We will be back.

Jim & Lisa

Michigan, U.S.A., 27 Mar 2009

Thank you for a wonderful African Adventure!

Mike & Sheila

Arizona, U.S.A., 24 Jul 2007

Beautiful country. Incredible folks!

Clayton & Modesta

Texas, U.S.A., 27 Oct 2006

The hunting was wonderful and challenging. The scenery and beauty was truly only “Africa”.

Kevin & Alison

Norfolk, England, 24 Mar 2006

Great time – Great Hunting – Great Host!


Texas, U.S.A., 04 Apr 2004

Single most positive unique experience of my life!


Florida, U.S.A., 24 Apr 2003

This was a fabulous place and experience. Very professional and homey!

Rob & Wesley

Hawaii, U.S.A., 02 Aug 2002

Excellent! As always!

Jim & Janice

Oregon, U.S.A., 19 May 2001

My first African Safari experience. It was excellent. I will be back.


Texas, U.S.A., 29 Nov 1998

Exquisite food. Many fast animals.

R.K. Erwin

Moscow, Russia, 24 May 1996

Great hunting. Great animals. Great people. Thanks!


California, US.A., 03 Aug 1994

We enjoyed the experience immensely.

Dr. Herman

Cradock, South Africa, 26 Jun 1987