Wing Shooting - South Africa

South Africa offers a variety of quality and quantity of wing shooting; and the sometimes-vast distances that separate many of these sought-after venues is realistically compensated for by a good road infrastructure, great vehicles and superb accommodations and hospitality.


Greywing Partridge

Peak season is from May to July. Greywing are hunted with English Pointer dogs in rugged and scenic mountain terrain. Often strenuous and demanding, this is considered to be the cream of South African Wing shooting. One can expect to put up an average of 8-12 coveys per day. The shooting party is recommended at 3-5 guns, with the ideal duration being between 2-3 days. 


Doves & Pigeons

Peak season is from March to June. This exciting, swift and challenging game shooting is mostly done in, and on, our fringes of cultivated fields, pre- and post-reaping of sunflower, sorghum and maize. Hot gun shooting can be expected. 

Your competent African Field Sports hosts have enjoyed vast experience in wing shooting in different locations throughout Africa and will offer the highest standards in quality of service and professionalism on the hunt.

Our knowledge and passion for the area and its abundant game bird varieties will ensure an unforgettable wing shooting experience in South Africa.