Cape Bushbuck are the smallest of the spiralled-horned species; and are grazers and browsers found in thick vegetation.

Bushbuck vary in colour - the male can be a very dark black with white markings on the throat, chest and legs; and the rump has white dots. The ewe differs in colour and is a red-brown with the same white markings as the ram.

They are medium-sized, weighing between 80-140 pounds.

Bushbuck are extremely shy animals, usually seen in pairs, and rams are normally with the ewes during the mating seasons of April and May. Their gestation period is between 6-7 months.

Hunting Information

You will see bushbuck feeding in the early morning, late afternoon and at night. The best hunting time will be early morning and late afternoon when they come out to sun themselves.

Suitable calibers for hunting Bushbuck are .308-.375.