Impala can be found in a mixture of woodland and grassland due to the fact that they are mixed feeders.

Males stand up to approximately 75–92 centimetres (30–36in) at the shoulder and weigh 53–76 kilograms (117–168lbs); while females are 70–85 centimetres (28–33in) and 40–53 kilograms (88–117lbs).

Both are characterized by a glossy, reddish-brown coat. Only the males have the characteristic slender, lyre-shaped horns.

Impala have a gestation period of 183-213 days and can be found in herds of 10-30 animals. They normally have one breeding ram in the herd who will chase younger rams out once they are sexually mature. These rams will go on to form their own bachelor herd.

Hunting Information

Suitable calibers for hunting impala are the 270-.30 caliber rifles.