Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo


The Cape Buffalo is dark brown or black in colour. The body is heavy-set, with stocky legs, a large head and short neck. There are no distinct markings on the body. The Buffalo has large ears, edged with a long fringe of hairs. Both male and female Cape buffalo have hook-shaped horns and the base of the male’s horns is known as the boss.

Their gestation period is 340 days and they have a lifespan of 18-20 years on average.

The Cape Buffalo can be active during the day and night. A herd of Buffalo will generally occupy a home range, and these areas can range between 126-1080 square Kilometres in size.

Hunting Information

Cape Buffalo are formidable animals on account of their large size, large herds and large horns.

The herd instinct of the Cape buffalo is used to defend the young and weaker members of the group. When under threat, the buffalo is known to attack as a group. A wounded buffalo is particularly dangerous as they tend to double-back on the predator and attack.